Application Process

Eligible Solar Contractors will work with homeowners to complete the following steps

Reservation Request
  • Solar Contractor submits web-based application form with homeowner’s information
  • Web-based application form is exported to PDF, signed by the homeowner and Solar Contractor and submitted to CSE
  • CSE reviews application and supplies the Solar Contractor and homeowner with a secure link to submit supporting documents
  • CSE reviews documents and approves/rejects the incentive request
Solar Installation
  • Solar Contractor has 12 months from the date of approval to complete the installation
Incentive Claim
  • Solar Contractor submits Incentive Claim Form information through secure link with the following information:
    • System cost, labor hours, job training and permission to operate
    • CSE reviews the documents
    • If all supporting information meets the program criteria, application is approved and incentive is sent

Program Updates

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Center for Sustainable Energy

Press Release

San Diego, California


Homeowners in San Diego communities at high climate risk and historically low access to clean power are now eligible for solar energy systems at little to no cost.

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San Diego Union Tribune

News Article


There’s a new program that offers free solar installations in San Diego. See if you qualify.

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